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Procedure descriptions

Collective disposal proof confirmation

The disposal, i.e. the recovery or the disposal including the collection and transport of hazardous waste, is subject to a waste law verification procedure. Waste producers as well as owners, transporters, collectors and disposers of hazardous waste are obliged to do so. Private households and small quantity producers who do not generate more than two tons of hazardous waste per year are exempt.

You are subject to the obligation to provide evidence of hazardous waste and your point of generation produces less than 20 tons per year and waste type? You can organize the disposal via a collective proof of a carrier and as a producer you do not need to participate in the electronic proof of disposal procedure, because in this case the electronic procedure is managed by the carrier who has had the collective proof of disposal approved.



For the producer:
Producer number, if more than 2 t of hazardous waste is generated (for entry in the transfer bill).

For the collector:
Access to the electronic verification procedure via a post office box directly at the ZKS or via a provider.
An electronic signature card is required for the necessary electronic signature of the verification documents. This signature card is available from various providers.


Preparation of the declaration of responsibility (DEN, VE, DA) by the collector/carrier,

Completion of the declaration of proof with the declaration of acceptance (AE) of the disposer,
Submission of the electronic proof to the disposal authority (SAM in RLP),
Acknowledgement of receipt with subsequent request by the disposal authority in the case of incomplete or incorrect documents or confirmation of receipt by the disposal authority in the case of complete and correct documents.

Keeping of consignment bills (electronic) for each collection tour by collectors and handover of the takeover bill to producers (paper; later electronic recording by collectors).


The evidence must be valid at the time of disposal.
The authority has 30 days until the official confirmation if the verification documents are complete and correct; receipt must be confirmed within 12 calendar days.
A record can be confirmed for a maximum of five years.
The deadlines for sending electronic consignment bills by the disposal company are 10 calendar days.

Required documents

  • Prescribed forms of the detection regulation
  • including suitable declaration analysis

Processing time

1-4 weeks

Detailed information

You will find information on many basic questions concerning the verification process on the following pages:

Release note

Ministry for Environment, Energy, Food and Forestry Rhineland-Palatinate

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