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Landesapothekerkammer - Register for membership

As a pharmacist in Baden-Württemberg, you must be a member of the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Pharmacists.

The main tasks of the chamber include,

  • Representing the professional interests of its members
  • to promote their further and continuing education and
  • monitoring the fulfilment of professional duties.

Note: If you move your professional activity abroad, you can remain a voluntary member. This also applies in the event that you only move your residence abroad without being professionally active. If you are undergoing practical training in Baden-Württemberg in accordance with the Approbationsordnung für Apotheker (licensing regulations for pharmacists) (Pharmacists in practical training), you can become a voluntary member during your training.

Responsible department

State Chamber of Pharmacists Baden-Württemberg



You must

  • be qualified (appointed) or licensed as a pharmacist, or
  • have a licence to practise as a pharmacist and
  • Practise your profession in Baden-Württemberg or
  • if you are not practising your profession, have your place of residence in Baden-Württemberg.

Note: If you hold a permit to practise the profession in accordance with § 11 of the Federal Pharmacist Regulations, you are a member of the chamber for the duration of the professional permit valid in Baden-Württemberg.


You can register on the website of the State Chamber of Pharmacists. You must then send the required documents to them by post.

Alternatively, you can also register in writing. You can request the registration form for this from the State Chamber of Pharmacists.


  • Registration: within one month after the prerequisites are met
  • Sending in the required documents after registration: within two weeks

Required documents

You must enclose the following documents with your application or submit them later if you apply electronically:

  • Approbation/professional licence
  • if the licence is issued in your maiden name or former name: marriage certificate/name change certificate
  • Doctorate certificate
  • Proof of further training

Pleasenote: You must submit an officially certified copy of the licence, which must not be older than three months, and a single copy of all other documents.


  • for registration: none
  • for membership: basic annual fee in different amounts
    The basis for calculating the fee can be both the professional income and the scope of professional activity. Further information is available from the Chamber.

Note: In addition to the basic fee, the following persons must pay a further levy:

  • Business licence holders,
  • Leaseholders and
  • Administrators

of public pharmacies and associated branches. This is based on the turnover generated in the previous calendar year excluding VAT.

Processing time

Approx. 14 days, if all documents are complete.



Release note

30.03.2023; Sozialministerium Baden-Württemberg

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