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Old-age pension - Requesting a pension in the event of early retirement

If you wish to retire before reaching the standard retirement age, you must apply for your old-age pension at the competent pension insurance institution. Please note that you must expect deductions when your pension is paid out.

The deduction is 0.3 per cent per month and 3.6 per cent per year before you reach the standard retirement age. This also remains when you have reached the standard retirement age.


  • Even after retirement, you must notify the pension insurance fund of any change of address or name as well as any change in marital status

Responsible department

  • the municipal or city administration or the insurance office of your place of residence
  • the offices of the German Pension Insurance (DRV) or
  • insurance advisers working on a voluntary basis for the DRV



Prerequisites are:

  • Age: varies according to year of birth and sex
  • Early retirement is possible for the following pensions:
    • Old-age pension for those insured for many years
    • Old-age pension for those insured for a particularly long time
    • Old-age pension for severely disabled persons
    • Old-age pension for women
    • Old-age pension due to unemployment or after partial retirement
  • Fulfilment of a qualifying period depending on the type of pension
  • Fulfilment of the special requirements for the respective pension type
  • Your pension insurance account is complete.


Get advice from the pension insurance institution responsible for you.

During the counselling interview you can clarify

  • whether it is possible to apply for an early retirement pension in your case and
  • what deductions you will have to expect.

For example, you can calculate how much your monthly pension will be. Your counsellor will also tell you the amount of additional contributions you can make to compensate for the reduction in your pension.

You can also apply in writing for a special pension statement with the same information.

You can then decide whether you want to claim the early pension with deductions. In such a case, you must apply for the pension in writing or have your application recorded at the competent offices.

The forms are available at the relevant offices, and you can also submit your application online.

You send the completed pension application directly to your pension insurance institution.

Once your application has been approved, Deutsche Post AG's pension service will transfer your pension to your account each month. Usually an own contribution to health and long-term care insurance is deducted.

You can also have your pension transferred to the account of another person. This person must agree to the transfer in the pension application.

The pension is paid on the last working day of the bank of each month.


For the payment of the calculated equalisation contributions: within three months after receipt of the special pension information

After the three months have elapsed, you must obtain a new special pension information.

Note: You can still pay equalisation contributions even if you are already drawing an early retirement pension with deductions.

Required documents

  • completed pension application form
  • Identity card
  • Evidence that is not recorded in the insurance history, for example:
    • Birth certificate/marriage certificate
    • Offset certificates
    • Evidence of periods of education
    • Proof of unemployment
  • Proof of periods of illness



Processing time

The processing time is usually three months after submission of the application.

Tip: Apply at least three months before you reach retirement age. This way you will receive your pension immediately after your employment.


From the age of 55, you will automatically receive a pension statement every three years informing you of the amount of your pension entitlements acquired to date.

The monthly amount of the pension is calculated according to a fixed procedure from

  • the contributions paid in the course of your working life and
  • any other relevant insurance periods (e.g. child-raising periods).

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