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Attending the school enrolment examination

All children who start school in Baden-Württemberg must take part in the school enrolment examination.

It is divided into two examination steps.

Step 1 usually takes place in the penultimate year before school enrolment for all children. In this way, children can be supported or specifically treated at an early stage if necessary.

Step 2 takes place in the year before school enrolment. Here, the focus is on determining any health restrictions.


All children who do not attend a day care centre are examined by a school doctor in step 2. For children attending a day care centre, the school doctor decides whether a medical examination is necessary in step 2. In addition, the responsible school or educators can also request or suggest an examination by the school doctor.

Responsible department

the lower health authority in whose city or district your child lives

The lower health authority is

  • in the administrative districts: the district office, public health department
  • in the city districts of Stuttgart, Mannheim and Heilbronn: the city administration, public health department

Note: If your child attends a day care centre outside your district, the school enrolment examination will take place there. After completion of the examinations, the documents will be handed over to the competent health authority in the district office of your place of residence at their request.



for step 1 of the school enrolment examination:

  • You and your child have your primary residence in Baden-Württemberg.
  • Your child is four years old by 30 June of the current calendar year.

for step 2 of the school enrolment examination:

  • You and your child have your primary residence in Baden-Württemberg.
  • Your child becomes of compulsory school age at the beginning of the following school year or has already been registered for primary school.


You will receive an invitation for step 1 23 to 12 months before the date of the regularly scheduled enrolment, either by post or via the day care centre.

Note: Together with the invitation you will also receive a questionnaire. Completion of the questionnaire is voluntary. It is used to take a medical history and to adapt the examination to the individual characteristics of the child. It also facilitates the counselling of the parents and the interpretation of the examination results.

Please note: If you have not received an invitation letter, you must go in person to the health office in your place of residence.

The examination is usually carried out by a medical assistant from the child and youth health service, usually on the premises of the kindergarten. You are invited to take part in the examination. Should a subsequent medical examination be necessary in case of abnormalities, you must attend.

Notice: At the basic examination, you must present the vaccination certificate and a certificate of participation in the early detection examinations. For children in a day-care centre, the developmental observation by the educator is also part of the examination with your consent.

If necessary, the child and youth health service recommends targeted support for your child or an appointment with your family doctor or paediatrician.

Step 2 usually takes place in the year before your child starts school. If a medical examination is necessary, it will be adapted to the child's individual situation. It usually takes place at the health office.


  • Step 1: usually 23 to 12 months before the date of the regularly scheduled enrolment in school
  • Step 2: in the year before the school enrolment on schedule

Required documents

  • Invitation to the school enrolment examination
  • Declaration of consent
  • Participation card/examination booklet for children (yellow U-booklet)
  • Vaccination card (vaccination book)
  • (completed parent questionnaire - voluntary)
  • (if available: important medical reports - voluntary)



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