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Procedure descriptions

Apply for a polling card

Do you want to vote at a polling station other than the one on your polling card?
Do you want to vote by post?

You will need a polling card for this.

People with disabilities who do not want to use the designated polling station but a barrier-free polling station must also apply for a polling card.

Tip: You can find out whether there is an accessible polling station in your area by contacting your local authority.

Responsible department

the municipality in whose electoral roll you are registered




  • are eligible to vote in the relevant election and
  • entered in the electoral roll.

Please note: The municipality will send you the polling card at least three weeks before election day. If you do not receive it in time, please contact your municipality directly.


You can apply for a polling card

  • in person
  • by another person who has a written authorisation from you
  • in writing
    Please note: If possible, use your polling card for your application. Fill in the relevant application fields and return the notification to your municipality. You can also apply for a polling card by fax, e-mail or verbally, but not by telephone for the European elections. Your application must contain the following information:
    • Surname
    • First names
    • Date of birth
    • Address (street, house number, postcode, town)
    • if known from the voter's notification, you should also provide the number under which you are entered in the electoral roll.
  • via online forms here in the service portal or on the Internet, if your municipality offers this service

You will be given or sent the polling card with the postal voting documents.


You can apply for a polling card by 6 pm on the second day before the election (Friday) at the latest. Applications received after this time can no longer be processed by the responsible office.

Note: In specially regulated exceptional cases, especially in the case of proven sudden illness, you can still apply for a polling card until 3 p.m. on election day.

Required documents

if possible: the voter's notification


If the application for a polling card is sent to the municipality by post, the corresponding postage will be charged.



Legal basis

Depending on the type of election for which you are applying for a polling card:


  • § 26 Absatz 1 Europawahlordnung (EuWO)


  • § 27 Absatz 1 Bundeswahlordnung (BWO)


  • § 19 Absatz 1 Landeswahlordnung (LWO)


  • § 10 Absatz 1 Kommunalwahlordnung (KomWO)

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