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Procedure descriptions

Apply for grants for flexible afternoon care and municipal childcare services

Certain providers of childcare services can apply for grants from the state.

These include

  • Flexible afternoon care programmes at general education schools or
  • municipal childcare programmes at all-day schools with a special educational and social mission.

You may only use the state grants to finance your childcare operation or to cover financial shortfalls through the social organisation of parental contributions.

Eligible for funding are

  • public school authorities
  • independent organisations (e.g. churches, parents' associations, support associations, sports clubs)


The subsidy amounts to EUR 379.00 per group and school year for each 60-minute supervised hour per week.

All-day schools or community schools are excluded from the subsidy.

Responsible department

the regional council



  • A maximum of 15 hours per week can be subsidised per group.
  • There must be at least one carer available for each group.
  • Independent providers only receive the grant if they are recognised as non-profit organisations.
  • Only the actual hours of childcare provided in the afternoon on school days can be subsidised.
  • The childcare hours begin at 12:00 at the earliest and end at 17:30 at the latest.
  • Flexible afternoon care must be provided as part of the municipality's overall care concept.


You apply for the grant in writing. You can obtain the application form from the responsible regional council. Alternatively, you can download it from the Kultusportal. You can submit it in person or in writing.

Tip: Have you set up several groups at different locations? Then you can apply for the grants in a collective application from the second year of the group's existence. You can also obtain the "collective application" form from the responsible regional council. Alternatively, you can download it from the Kultusportal .


  • 15. November to 31 December of the current school year
  • This applies to groups that are continued at the beginning of a school year and to groups that are newly established and commence operations after the summer holidays by 15 November. .
  • Applications received by the Regierungspräsidium after 31 December of the current school year can no longer be considered.

Required documents

completed application form



Processing time

The subsidy is determined at the earliest from March of the current school year by means of an authorisation notice.


Have you set up a group during the school year? For groups set up in September, the full annual grant is awarded. For groups set up in October, the grant amount is reduced by 1/12. For groups set up in November, the grant amount is reduced by 2/12.

Release note

30.10.2023; Kultusministerium Baden-Württemberg

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