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Apply for parental allowance

You are there for your child after the birth? To do so, you interrupt your career or do not work full-time. Replace part of your lost income with parental allowance.

Apply for basic parental allowance or parental allowance plus - or combine both. Both parents will benefit. Decide which parent wants the parental allowance for which period. State this for both parents in your application. You will receive parental allowance retroactively for the last three months of your life before your application was received.

  • You receive basic parental allowance for the first 14 months of your child's life.
  • You will also receive ElterngeldPlus after that.

You can apply for additional parental allowance months for children born particularly early. You also receive parental allowance if you did not work before the birth of your child. You will then receive at least 300 euros basic parental allowance per month. If you opt for Elterngeld Plus, you will receive at least 150 euros per month. In return, you will receive Elterngeld Plus for twice as long.

Responsible department

Landeskreditbank Baden-Württemberg - Förderbank - (L-Bank)



You receive parental allowance under the following conditions:

  • You live in Germany (domicile or habitual residence). In exceptional cases, you will also receive parental allowance if you
    • in a member state of the EU,
    • in a member state of the European Economic Area or
    • switzerland.
  • You look after and bring up the child yourself and live together with him or her in a household.
  • You work a maximum of 32 hours a week.

This applies to the period in which you receive parental allowance.

Further requirements:

  • In the year before the birth, you had a maximum taxable income of 250,000 euros.
  • Together with the other parent, you earned no more than 300,000 euros.

Please apply for parental allowance only after the birth of your child.


  • Start the online application.
  • Answer the questions and fill in the fields.
  • When you have filled in everything, submit your online application.
  • You will then find your personal application documents in the mailbox of your service account. Print them out. Sign them and send the signed application together to the L-Bank. Please remember to include other documents, e.g. your birth certificate. You cannot print out the application yourself? Then L-Bank will send you your personal documents by post.

Even if only one parent applies for parental allowance, both parents must sign the application.

You can submit a separate application for each parent. In this case, each parent must sign the other's application. The L-Bank will check your application. It will then send you a personal decision.

You will receive the parental allowance at the beginning of each month of your child's life, not every first of the month.

Example: Your child is born on the 15th. The Federal Treasury therefore transfers the money on the 15th of each month.

It usually takes 2 to 3 working days for the money to reach your account.

With the first payment, the Bundeskasse also transfers past months.

You cannot change the payment date. It is not possible to make a one-off transfer.

While you are receiving parental allowance, you must inform the L-Bank of the following:

  • Your weekly working hours change.
  • You go back to work. This also applies to marginal or short-term jobs.

The L-Bank will then check your entitlement to parental allowance. It will clarify whether you will receive additional parental allowance or less parental allowance. If you have received too much parental allowance, you have to pay it back.


Apply for parental allowance as soon as possible. You will only receive it retroactively for a maximum of three months of life.

Example: Your child was born on 10 August 2022. You apply for parental allowance from the time of birth. The application is submitted to the L-Bank on 04.12.2022.

  • Month of life: 10.08.2022-09.09.2022: 3rd month retroactively
  • Month of life: 10.09.2022-09.10.2022: 2nd month retroactively
  • Month of life: 10.10.2022-09.11.2022: 1st month retrospective
  • Month of life: 10.11.2022-09.12.2022: Application received

Please note: The L-Bank calculates the deadline from the day it receives the signed application.

The L-Bank will only process your application once it has been signed and received. This also applies if you have submitted it online.

Required documents

When you have answered all the questions and entered all the data, you will receive a list of documents. This list matches your information. In it you will find all the documents you need to enclose with your signed application. You cannot upload any digital documents. After you have submitted the application, you can send the L-Bank documents by e-mail.


The application for parental allowance is free of charge for you.


The L-Bank calculates your income for the parental allowance. It deducts flat-rate amounts for wage tax, church tax and the solidarity surcharge as well as for social security contributions.

It calculates the parental allowance from the income of the last 12 months before the birth.

The following months with lower income are excluded from this 12-month period:

  • Months with maternity benefits
  • Months in which you received parental allowance for a child born earlier
  • Months in which your income was lower because of a pregnancy-related illness
  • Months in which you did military or civilian service

The L-Bank calculates the parental allowance using months further back instead.

Other social benefit providers count parental allowance towards their benefits. These include unemployment benefit II or social assistance. If you worked before the birth of your child, you will receive a parental allowance allowance. The parental allowance allowance corresponds to your average income before the birth. It amounts to a maximum of 300 euros. You will then receive parental allowance at least equal to the tax-free amount. This also applies if you receive other social benefits at the same time.

Tax treatment

Parental allowance is tax-free, but is subject to progression. This means that in a first step, the tax office adds it to your taxable income. It then calculates your tax rate. In the second step, it applies this tax rate to your taxable income - without the parental allowance.

For adopted children, you receive parental allowance from the time you took the child into your household. This also applies if the adoption procedure has not yet been completed but you have taken in the child with the aim of adopting it. After the child's 8th birthday, you will no longer receive parental allowance for adopted children.

Note on child supplement:

If you are receiving parental allowance and child benefit, you may also be entitled to child supplement. You can check whether you are entitled to child supplement with the KiZ pilot of the family benefits office and submit the application directly online.

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