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Apply for parking concessions for people with severe disabilities ("blue parking permit")

Severely disabled people with an exceptional walking disability (sign aG), bilateral amelia or phocomelia or with comparable functional impairments as well as blind people can obtain an exemption ("blue parking permit").

Only people with a blue parking permit may park in disabled parking spaces with a wheelchair symbol. The "blue parking permit" is valid in all countries of the European Union.

If you have a "blue parking permit", you have the following Beauthorisations (if there is no other parking option within a reasonable distance):

  • Parking in car parks specially marked with an additional "wheelchair user symbol" sign (disabled personsnparking spaces)
  • Parking for up to three hours in places where the sign iserestricted stopping ban is in place.
    The arrival time must be indicated on a parking disc
  • Exceeding the authorised parking time in the area eiof a no-parking zone
  • Parking beyond the authorised time in places whereeparking is permitted, but an additional sign has been placedea parking time limit is imposed by an additional sign
  • Parking during loading times in pedestrian areas where loading and unloading is authorised for certain timeseis authorised
  • Parking for up to three hours in car parks for residentseresidents' car parks. The arrival time must be indicated on a parking disc
  • Parking without charge and time limit at car parkshand parking ticket machines
  • Parking in designated traffic-calmed areas outside the marked parking bays, if you do not use the parking baysbtraffic (especially moving traffic) if you do not obstruct other trafficndisproportionately affect other traffic.

You must display the parking permit clearly behind the windscreen and always carry it with you. With the exemption permit, you may also park free of charge in customer car parks at Deutsche Bahn AG railway stations.

Responsible department

The application can be submitted to any road traffic authority.

The road traffic authority is

  • the district authority
  • in urban districts or large district cities, the respective city administration
  • if applicable, the local road traffic authority



You can obtain the "blue parking permit" if you are severely disabled and either

  • exceptionally disabled (mark "aG" in the severely disabled person's pass) or
  • are blind (mark "Bl" in the severely disabled person's pass) or
  • have bilateral amelia or phocomelia or comparable functional limitations.

Please note: If you fulfil the requirements, the authority canrgrant an exemption even if you do not have a driving licence. In these cases, you will be issued with a special authorisation stating that the driver transporting you is exempt from the specified provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations.


You can apply for a blue parking permit or exemption authorisation informally at the relevant road traffic authority.

In exceptional cases, you can also be represented by an authorised person.



Required documents

  • Disability card
  • Passport photo (not required for children under 16 years of age)
  • in case of representation:
    • Power of attorney
    • Identity card of the applicant




Individual disabled parking space

You must apply separately for a personal disabled parking space (e.g. at your home or place of work). Unlike a parking permit, you have no legal entitlement to a personal disabled parking space.

You can obtain a personal disabled parking space if

  • There is a shortage of parking spaces,
  • there is no parking space available within a reasonable distance,
  • there is no stopping ban and
  • a temporary special parking right (e.g. for the workplace) is not sufficient.

Further information can be obtained from the relevant road traffic authority.

Further parking concessions are available for special groups of severely disabled people ("orange-coloured parking permit").

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