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Procedure descriptions

apply for the eID card as a European citizen

The eID card is a chip card with which you can prove your identity electronically. With the eID card, you can identify yourself online and, for example, carry out administrative or business transactions digitally.

You can obtain the German eID card as a citizen of another member state of the European Union as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway (European Economic Area) - regardless of whether you live in Germany or not.

The online ID function of the eID card offers you as a citizen of these states the same electronic function as the German electronic identity card or the electronic residence permit in Germany. You can apply for the eID card regardless of whether your home state has an eID system or not.

If you use the eID card, you can decide and control yourself in each case whether and to whom you transmit personal data digitally.

Validity of the eID card: 10 years

Responsible department

in Baden-Württemberg:

  • the municipality/city administration, or administration of the administrative community in whose district you live, in the case of several dwellings, where the main dwelling is, in whose district you are registered or in whose district you are staying temporarily


  • the Foreign Office with the foreign representations designated by it.



You are

  • at least 16 years old and
  • A citizen of another state of the European Union, or
  • A citizen of another state of the European Economic Area.


You can apply for the eID card in person at the competent office.

  • Contact your citizens' registration office and make an appointment if necessary.

If you want to apply for your eID card outside Germany:

  • Contact the Foreign Office and the foreign mission in the district where you live.


Recommendation: Apply for a new eID card two months before it expires.

Required documents

  • ID card (identity card), passport or another valid identity document issued by your home country
  • If you do not have a residence in Germany, other proof of your residence is required. You can ask for the necessary documents at the competent mission abroad.
  • If you have moved to Germany and have not yet registered, you must first register at a German registration office (usually: Bürgeramt). You can find out which documents are necessary for registration at your registration office.


  • Issue of the eID card: EUR 37.00
  • if the PIN letter is sent abroad: respective expenses

Processing time

about three to six weeks


You are obliged to present the following to the competent authority without delay

1. present the eID card if an entry is incorrect,

2. hand over the old eID card when receiving a new eID card, and

3. report the loss of the eID card and its recovery.

Release note

25.01.2023; Innenministerium Baden-Württemberg

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