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Catering trade - apply for a permit for up to four days

If you wish to temporarily exercise a catering trade requiring a licence for a special reason, the competent authority may allow you to do so, namely

  • under simplified conditions,
  • on revocation.

Please note: You do not require a catering permit or a catering licence for the mere serving of

  • non-alcoholic drinks,
  • free samples,
  • food that has already been prepared or
  • in connection with an accommodation establishment for the supply of drinks and prepared food to house guests.

Responsible department

the municipal or city administration of the place where you wish to carry out the temporary activity



  • They only provide visitors with food and drink on the occasion of a special event (an otherwise independent event).
    Special events can be, for example
    • Street parties
    • Wedding celebrations
    • School parties
    • Anniversary celebrations
    • Shooting festivals
    • Sporting events
    • Public festivals
    • Club events
    • Markets and similar events.
  • As the organiser, you must comply with the relevant legal provisions when holding the event.
    Ask the relevant authority about the exact requirements. The following regulations are relevant, for example:
    • Protection of minors
    • Youth labour protection
    • Protection against infection
    • Fire protection
    • food and hygiene regulations
    • Price list
  • You must appoint a person responsible for the event. This person must be available for the entire duration of the event.

Tip: As the organiser, you are liable for any damage. You should therefore ensure that you have adequate liability insurance cover.


You must apply for a catering licence in writing or in electronic form to the competent authority. Your application must be signed by hand or have a qualified electronic signature.

You can also replace the written form by

  • submitting the declaration in an electronic form provided by the competent authority in an input device on site or via the Internet. If you submit your declaration via the Internet, you must prove your identity using the electronic ID function of your identity card or residence permit.
  • send a sender-confirmed De-Mail to the responsible office. Sender-confirmed means that your De-Mail provider confirms in the De-Mail with a qualified electronic signature that
    • it has received exactly this message content from you and
    • You have logged into your De-Mail account to send this De-Mail using the electronic ID function of your ID card or another secure method instead of your user name and password.

You must provide the required information and submit any documents that may be relevant to the assessment of your application.

Please note: The organiser himself must submit the application. If the organiser is a legal entity or an association without legal capacity, a legal representative must submit the application.

The competent authority can impose conditions on the catering licence at any time, i.e. also retrospectively.


You must submit the application for authorisation at least two weeks before the start of the above-mentioned activity requiring authorisation.

Exception: The activity takes place for a short-term reason that precludes a timely application.

Required documents

  • Completed application form
  • Copy of identity card or comparable identification document; in the case of electronic applications, the proof of identification required for the respective communication channel, e.g. electronic signature, secure proof of identity.
  • The competent authority may request further documents or information, e.g.
    • submission of a rental agreement for the venue of the event
    • details of how unreasonable noise nuisance is to be avoided.


The amount of the fees depends on the relevant municipal fee regulations.

Note: Many municipalities do not charge fees for events that serve non-profit or charitable purposes.

Processing time

The competent body must decide on your application within a period of three months. This period begins with the receipt of the complete documents. Once this period has expired, the authorisation applied for is deemed to have been granted if your application is sufficiently specific.

Note: The authority may, however, extend the deadline once if this is justified by the complexity of the matter. The authority must justify such an extension and notify you in good time.


Do you need a catering permit for more than four days? You will find the relevant information in the procedure description"Catering trade - applying for a permit for more than 4 days".

Legal basis

Landesgaststättengesetz (LGastG)

  • § 1 (LGastG) in Verbindung mit

Gaststättengesetz (GastG)

Gaststättenverordnung (GastVO)

Landesverwaltungsverfahrensgesetz (LVwVfG)

  • § 3a (LVwVfG) Elektronische Kommunikation
  • § 42a (LVwVfG) Genehmigungsfiktion in Verbindung mit

Gewerbeordnung (GewO)

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Personalausweisgesetz (PAuswG)

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Aufenthaltsgesetz (AufenthG)

  • § 78 (AufenthG) Dokumente mit elektronischem Speicher- und Verarbeitungsmedium

De-Mail-Gesetz (De-Mail-G)

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