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Contracted dentist - apply for admission

As a dentist, you can treat people with statutory health insurance and bill the health insurance company for the treatment. To do this, you must have a licence to provide contractual dental care.

By being licensed, you become a member of the Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung (KZV). This entitles and obliges you to participate in the provision of care in accordance with your full or half care mandate.

Notice: The admission restrictions for contractual dental care were abolished on 1 April 2007.

Responsible department

the admissions committee of the admissions district in which you wish to establish yourself as a panel dentist



You can only be admitted to practice as a panel dentist if you are

  • are registered in the dentist register,
  • are not prevented from providing the necessary care to the insured due to employment or other non-voluntary activities (maximum 13 hours per week for full admission),
  • only carry out dental activities that are compatible with the activities of panel dentists, and
  • have no health or other serious personal deficiencies (in particular, you must not have been addicted to drugs or alcohol in the five years preceding your application)

Notice: You can also be admitted as a panel dentist if there are grounds for obstruction in the sense of the second or third bullet point. However, the respective impediment must be removed at the latest three months after the admission has become incontestable. Activities in approved hospitals, preventive or rehabilitation facilities are compatible with contractual dental activities.


You must apply for admission in writing to the competent body and pay the fees due.

The application must contain:

  • for which place and
  • if applicable, for which subject area you are applying for admission

The admission committee will decide on the application after an oral hearing. The decision will state by when you must start practising as a panel dentist at the panel dentist's location.

Note: If there are important reasons, this date can be postponed upon request.

The decision will be sent to you together with a description of your rights. The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists and other parties involved will also receive a copy of the decision.


Commencement of contractual dental activity: by the date specified in the decision

Note: If there are important reasons, the date can be postponed upon request.

Required documents

  • Extract from the register of dentists showing:
    • Date of licence to practise dentistry
    • The date of entry in the register of dentists
    • the date of recognition of the right to use a particular specialist title, if this has taken place
  • Certificates on the dental activities carried out since your licence to practise dentistry
  • a declaration that the supply mandate is to be limited to half, if you intend to do so
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • if applicable, certificates from the KZV in whose area you were previously registered or authorised to practise dentistry (stating the place and duration of your registration or authorisation and the reason for any termination)
  • Declaration on the service or employment relationship existing at the time of application (stating the earliest possible end of the employment relationship)
  • Declaration as to whether you
    • are addicted to drugs or
    • have been addicted to drugs within the last five years, or
    • have undergone rehab for drug or alcohol addiction within the last five years, and
    • that there are no legal impediments to practising as a dentist

You must submit the documents in the original or as a certified copy.

Note: If you are unable to present the above-mentioned certificates on your dental activities to the admissions committee, you will have to prove these facts in another way. Please enquire about this at the competent office of the admissions committee.


  • for the application for admission: EUR 100.00
  • in the case of a positive final decision, additionally: EUR 400.00

Processing time

  • Submission of the complete application documents to the office: approximately four weeks before a meeting of the admissions committee
  • Meeting dates: Mid-month of the last month of a quarter


As a panel dentist, you must hold your consultation hours at the panel dentist's seat.

Contractual dental activities outside the registered office are permissible if and insofar as this improves the care of the insured at the other locations and the proper care of the insured at the registered office is not impaired.Minor impairments for the care at the registered office are irrelevant if they are outweighed by the improvement of the care at the other location.

If the branch practice is located in the area of your member KZV, it is responsible for approving a corresponding application. Otherwise, authorisation is granted by the licensing committee in whose district the branch practice is located.

If you wish to relocate your contracted dentist's seat, you must submit an application to the admissions committee.

You can appeal against the decision of the admissions committee.

Release note

03.05.2023; Sozialministerium Baden-Württemberg

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