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Whether you perceive sounds as noise depends, among other things, on your personal perception and the source or cause of the noise.

In the case of noise from the neighbourhood, first talk to the people causing it and try to find a solution that is acceptable to everyone.
Also ask other affected persons in your neighbourhood if they also feel harassed and if they have already taken action.

If you cannot reach a compromise through discussion and you feel that your peace and quiet are being unreasonably disturbed, you can

  • inform the competent authority or
  • in acute cases, contact the police.

Tip: If you have a complaint about noise or odour emissions from industrial plants, you must proceed differently.

Responsible department

  • the municipality as local police authority (public order office) or
  • any police station



They feel annoyed by noise.


You can report the noise nuisance to your municipality or, in acute cases, to the competent police station.

The police will check on site whether the noise is causing a significant nuisance to the neighbourhood. If necessary, they will take the necessary measures, such as switching off the music system. Unnecessary and unreasonable noise pollution can be punished as an administrative offence with a fine of up to 5,000 euros.



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You may only use motorised garden tools in the residential area on weekdays between 7 am and 8 pm. There may be further restrictions for particularly loud devices such as leaf blowers.

The midday rest period is not protected by law. However, such a quiet time may be stipulated by private law, for example in a tenancy agreement or by a municipal bylaw or ordinance.

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