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Electoral roll (local elections) - apply for registration when moving house

An official electoral roll is kept by the municipality for each electoral district. All persons who are entitled to vote on election day are entered in it.
Eligible voters who are registered with their main residence in the municipality six weeks before the election are automatically entered.

If you move away from the respective electoral area (for example, the municipality or the district) after that, you lose your eligibility to vote for the election in question and are removed from the electoral roll.

If you move within the electoral area, you remain registered on the previous electoral roll.
You can vote at the previous polling station or by postal vote.
If you prefer to vote in your new municipality of residence for the district election or the election of the regional assembly of the Verband Region Stuttgart, you must apply there to be entered on the electoral roll.

Responsible department

The city or municipality where you have your new flat.

If you have more than one flat, your main flat is decisive.



  • You are registered in the electoral roll.
  • You move to another municipality or transfer your main residence to another municipality that lies in the same district as your previous municipality of residence or which, like your previous municipality of residence, lies in the area of the Stuttgart Region Association (city of Stuttgart and districts of Böblingen, Esslingen, Göppingen, Ludwigsburg and Rems-Murr-Kreis).
  • You register at the registration office of your new municipality of residence by the 21st day before the election.
  • Your previous municipality of residence has not yet issued you with an absentee ballot.


You can apply for entry on the electoral roll in writing to the competent office. Applicants who are unable to complete and submit the application themselves, e.g. due to a disability, may be assisted by another person.

Note: In some cases, the municipalities provide application forms, depending on what the municipality offers, also as a download on the internet.

If registration is possible, you will receive an election notification as soon as possible.
You can also apply for a ballot paper. At the same time, you will be removed from the electoral roll of your previous municipality of residence.
If your application is not successful, you will be notified as soon as possible.


You can submit the application up to 21 days before the election at the latest.

Required documents

  • Registration certificate confirming your registration in the new municipality of residence
  • identity document, if applicable


If you move within the same municipality, there is usually no transfer to the electoral roll of the electoral district in which your new main residence is located.

The only exception is if your eligibility to vote in the local council election changes as a result of your move within the municipality.
If you re-register at the registration office up to 16 days before the election, you will be entered on the new electoral roll without having to submit an application.
If you change your registration later, you can apply to the municipality for a ballot paper for the local council election in your new district.

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