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Full-time care - placing a foster child

If parents cannot bear the responsibility for the child temporarily or permanently, full-time foster care can be a solution.

The child lives for a certain period of time or permanently with a foster family who takes responsibility for the care and upbringing of the child on a day-to-day basis. The needs of the child are always at the forefront when choosing a foster family. The goal is for the child to develop well, build trusting bonds again and work through its problematic experiences. Foster parents can provide the necessary support for this. Taking in a foster child means drastic changes for both the foster family and the foster child and should therefore be carefully considered.

Contact between the foster family and the family of origin is especially important for the foster child.

It must be clear to both foster parents and the children themselves that taking a child into foster care is voluntary. Foster parents should, if necessary, have the courage to explain that they cannot imagine a life together with this child. Such attitudes express something about the strengths and weaknesses of foster parents and do not (mis)judge the child.

Responsible department

the local youth welfare office

Youth Welfare Office is,

  • if you live in a city district: the city administration
  • if you live in a district: the district administration office (Landratsamt)

Note: The city of Constance performs the tasks as the local youth welfare agency itself. The city of Villingen-Schwenningen has handed over the municipal youth welfare office to the Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis as of 01.07.2023.



The Youth Welfare Office has determined your general suitability as a foster parent in the application procedure. This means that you are registered as an applicant or as a potential foster family.


The age, the stage of development and the special life circumstances determine the course of the placement process.

Waiting phase

Even though the Youth Welfare Office is constantly looking for foster families, the actual placement of a foster child in your family can take some time. The Youth Welfare Office will only approach you when it believes that you are the suitable family for the foster child to be placed. During this waiting phase, the Youth Welfare Office will continue to keep in touch with you.

Getting to know you

If you have been selected as a suitable foster family in a specific individual case, the Youth Welfare Office will contact you with information about the foster child's life history. This is followed by interviews with the parents of origin and with the child. This gives you the opportunity to get to know each other. The concrete arrangement of the placement in the form of talks and contacts with the foster child depends on the age of the child and the social background.

The placement process is completed when all parties involved, especially the foster child (depending on age), are sure that the child will integrate into your family. During the process and the discussions, you will be actively supported and supervised by the Youth Welfare Office.

Do not rush into the decision. Take as much time as you need. Ask all the questions that are important to you. This is the only way to lay the foundation for a successful foster relationship.

How long the rapprochement between foster family and foster child takes depends on the age of the child and the family background. With younger children this time can be a few weeks, with older children several months.

Beginning of help

For children, entering a foster family is usually associated with fear and uncertainty. The foster children have to come to terms with new caregivers and new routines. Intensive care and the introduction of reliable daily structures, norms and rituals are therefore fundamental prerequisites for the foster child to feel comfortable in your family.

When the child is admitted to your family, a support plan is drawn up. In addition, mutual rights and obligations are agreed between you, the youth welfare office and the family of origin.


Check with the relevant office.

Required documents

Check with the relevant office.


Check with the relevant office.


Check with the relevant office.

Release note

28.08.2023; Sozialministerium Baden-Württemberg

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