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Landesstiftung Opferschutz - Apply for grants

The Landesstiftung Opferschutz provides financial support up to an amount of 10,000 euros to

  • Victims of violent crimes who are in distress and need help,
  • Relatives, spouses or partners of those killed, and
  • Institutions that advise, support or accompany victim-witnesses (victim-witness support programmes).

Acts of violence are intentional, unlawful physical attacks, for example

  • Homicide,
  • Bodily harm,
  • Sexual offences,
  • Threats,
  • Hostage-taking and
  • commondangerous crimes.

With the grants for victims of violence, the foundation closes gaps in state compensation for victims. Health consequences are usually covered by the Victim Compensation Act. Victims of violent crimes or relatives of killed victimsvictims or relatives of victims who have been killed often suffer additional material damage.

The assistance provided by the Landesstiftung can, for example, help you to

  • Property damage and financial losses,
  • medical costs not covered by other means,
  • Loss of income or
  • loss of maintenance can be compensated,

if you are needy.

Victim Witness Assistance Programmes (OZB)

Non-profit or voluntary organisations can apply for a one-time grant of up to 10,000 euros from the Landesstiftung. This applies if they provide victims, relatives or witnesses of a crime with

  • advise victims or witnesses of a crime before they file a complaint,
  • provide support during criminal proceedings in Baden-Württemberg and/or
  • accompany victims to police, public prosecutor's office and court hearings.

Responsible department

the State Foundation for Victim Protection

Augustenstrasse 15

70178 Stuttgart

Telephone 0711/2846454

Fax 0711/2847268



Funding by the Landesstiftung Opferschutz (State Foundation for Victim Protection) can only be considered under the following conditions:

  • You cannot enforce your claims for compensation against the offender in the foreseeable future.
  • The offence was committed in Baden-Württemberg.
  • Foreign crime victims must have been legally resident in Baden-Württemberg at the time of the crime.

The foundation can only grant you a benefit if you are not entitled to any claims against third parties due to the consequences of the crime. This applies above all to claims against

  • Health and accident insurances,
  • the pension administration according to the Victim Compensation Act or
  • the compensation fund for damages from motor vehicle accidents in Hamburg (in the event of an assault through the use of a motor vehicle).


You must apply for the grant in writing. The Foundation offers an application form for this purpose. It contains all the necessary questions, which you should answer to the best of your knowledge.
You can
request the form from the Landesstiftung by telephone (in the morning) or by fax.
You can also find it on the Landesstiftung website.

Tip: You can also obtain the form from the police stations of the Land, court assistants, the public prosecutor's offices and courts.

You can submit the application

  • at the State Foundation for Victim Protection
  • at the branch offices of the Weissen Ring e.V. in Baden-Württemberg.

You do not have to appear in person or be represented by a lawyer.

If the victim isif the victim is not yet 18 years old, the legal representatives must also sign the application.

The Foundation's Grants Committee decides on the basis of your written information, police findings and medical findings. The Foundation's Board of Directors will notify you of the decision in writing.

The approved grant will be transferred to the specified account, in special cases it can also be paid by cash cheque on request.
In problematic cases, it can be paid out to a trustee
The trustee role can, for example, be assumed by the youth welfare office, an asset manager or a lawyer.

Note: If the foundation requires an assignment of Claims for damages orif the foundation requests an assignment of claims for damages or compensation for pain and suffering, you will only receive the donation after returning the signed declaration of assignment.


There is no cut-off period for grant applications. If the offence was committed several years ago, you can receive a grant if the consequences of the offence still persist today.

Required documents

In copy:

  • Identity card/passport
  • Proof(s) of current income situation
  • if applicable:
    • Criminal conviction(s)
    • Compensation judgement(s)
    • Proof of unsuccessful enforcement efforts against the offender(s)
    • medical certificates
    • Evidence of the claimed pecuniary losses



Note: As a rule, expenses for legal assistance and medical certificates are not reimbursed additionally.


You have no legal claim to a grant from the State Foundation for Victim Protection.
You cannot appeal against a decision that is rejected or does not meet your expectations.

The Foundation's grants are not offset against social welfare benefits.

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