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Procedure descriptions

Motor vehicle registration number Allocation of electrically powered vehicles

You can apply for the E number plate for vehicles that have an alternative drive.

These include:

  • Pure battery electric vehicles,
  • Vehicles that are charged from the outside via a charging cable, for example plug-in hybrid vehicles, and
  • hydrogen-powered vehicles, such as fuel cell cars.

You can recognise an E-plate by the letter "E" behind the general vehicle registration number. If you want to enter environmental zones, you still need an environmental sticker.

Advantages for vehicles with E-plates in road traffic are, for example:

  • free parking,
  • Use of specially designated parking spaces,
  • Use of the bus lane.

These advantages differ between municipalities. Please ask your local traffic authority what applies to your place of residence. Please note that there are different types of licence plates for different purposes. Of these, the following cannot be combined with the E number plate:

  • Short-term number plates,
  • Export licence plates and
  • red number plates (so-called dealer number plates).

Note: You can save up to EUR 2,000 when purchasing and registering an electric vehicle for the first time if you apply for an environmental bonus.

Responsible department

the registration authority in whose district you have your main place of residence, place of business or place of business

Is the registration authority

  • for a city district: the city administration
  • for a rural district: the district administration office



Your vehicle must have an alternative drive or alternative energy source.


You can apply for the E-plate in person at your local registration authority:

  • Make an appointment by telephone or, if possible, online with your local registration authority.
  • Bring all the necessary documents and the payment amount of EUR 27.00 to your appointment.
  • Your documents will be checked directly on site.
  • If the check is positive, you will receive your personal E-licence plate during the appointment.



Required documents

  • Proof that the vehicle is a vehicle within the meaning of the Electromobility Act, for example on the basis of the registration certificate Part I (also known as the vehicle registration document), the certificate of conformity or the data confirmation (English abbreviation: COC)
  • Registration certificate Part I
  • previous number plates, if applicable
  • for used vehicles: main inspection report
  • electronic confirmation of insurance


Registration including stamping of the number plates: EUR 27.00

Processing time

As a rule none



Release note

16.07.2021 Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur

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