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Procedure descriptions

Obtain a private pilot's licence

A private pilot's licence (PPL) gives you permission to fly according to visual flight rules and for private purposes.

Commercial flights are not permitted with this licence.

A distinction is made between the following private pilot licences

  • Permit to fly powered aircraft PPL (A) (aeroplane), issued in accordance with the regulations of Part-FCL,
  • Permit to fly single-engine piston-powered land aeroplanes up to a maximum of 2,000 kg maximum take-off mass, or LAPL (A) touring motor gliders, issued under the regulations of Part-FCL
  • Licence to fly helicopters PPL (H) issued under the regulations of Part-FCL,
  • Licence to fly single-engine helicopters up to 2 000 kg maximum take-off mass LAPL (H) issued under the regulations of Part-FCL
  • Permit to fly free balloons BPL, issued under the regulations of the BFCL and
  • Glider Pilot Licence SPL, issued in accordance with the SFCL regulations

The PPL, SPL and BPL Part-FCL, SFCL and BFCL licences shall be issued in accordance with the regulations of the ICAO, shall be valid worldwide and may include ratings for various classes/models of aircraft.

The licence for light aircraft pilots LAPL, for example, is valid for aircraft up to 2,000 kilograms maximum take-off weight and is not issued according to ICAO guidelines.

The following information refers by way of example to the Private Pilot Licence (Aircraft) PPL (A) in accordance with Part-FCL.

Responsible department

the Stuttgart Regional Council for the whole of Baden-Württemberg



  • Minimum age: 16 years for first solo flight, 17 years for licence acquisition
  • medical certificate class II
  • Theory lessons
  • Flight training: at least 45 hours, including at least 10 solo flight hours
  • Acquisition of practical radiotelephony skills (e.g. BZF)
  • Reliability according to § 4 Air Traffic Act and § 7 Aviation Security Act


Register for training at a flight school or club of your choice. There you can complete the theory and practical training required for the exam.

Plan for a period of three months to two years.

After completing the theoretical training, you must take a theoretical examination before the aviation authority in the following subjects:

    • Air law
    • Navigation
    • Meteorology
    • general aviation
    • Basics of flying
    • human performance
    • Flight performance/flight planning
    • Communication
    • operational procedures


The practical examination can only be taken after passing the theoretical examination and when the practical training has been completed. The flight school must confirm that the candidate is ready for the examination and send the application for the examination. In the practical flight test, the candidate must demonstrate, during a flight under the supervision of an examiner, that he or she has

  • has acquired the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for the safe operation of the aircraft and
  • can apply these correctly under normal and special conditions.

The licence is then sent by post and is valid indefinitely. Some ratings entered on the licence (for example, night flying) are also valid indefinitely, while other ratings, such as a single-engine piston-powered landplane (SEP) class rating, are usually valid for 24 months.


The practical examination must be taken no later than 24 months after passing the theory examination.

Required documents

As a rule, you will need the following documents to register with a flying school or club:

  • Passport photo
  • Copy of your identity card or passport
  • Copy of the medical certificate corresponding to the licence you are seeking
  • Result of the background check in accordance with § 7 of the Aviation Security Act (only for motor-powered aircraft)
  • Certificateof good conduct type 0 (for glider and balloon licences)
  • Extract from the Driver Suitability Register


The costs depend on

  • which organisation you start your private pilot licence with,
  • the types of aircraft you wish to obtain it for, and
  • whether you go to a commercial flight school or a club.

Processing time

The licence can be issued after all necessary documents, requirements and the passed examinations have been presented.


The licences for commercial and professional pilots as well as the licences for air sports pilots (microlight aircraft, hang gliders, paragliders and parachutists) are not the responsibility of the regional aviation authorities (Regierungspräsidien). The Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt) is responsible for commercial/professional pilots and the air sports associations are responsible for pilots of air sports equipment.

Release note

31.07.2023 Stuttgart Regional Council

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