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Real estate cadastre - apply for an extract

The real estate cadastre records all parcels of land and buildings throughout the country on the basis of real estate surveys. The real estate cadastre serves

  • as an official register for the land register,
  • it shows the parcel boundaries and
  • is the basis for planning and land readjustment as well as for property transactions.

For example, if you want to submit a building application, borrow a property from a bank or buy a property, you will generally need a current extract from the property register in the form of a property map or a property description.

You can obtain

  • Apply for extracts from the property register or
  • Inspect the property register at the relevant surveying authority.

Tip: Make an appointment if you would like to inspect it on site.

Responsible department

The Baden-Württemberg State Office for Geoinformation and Rural Development (LGL) provides extracts from the real estate cadastre for all properties (buildings, land, parcels) in Baden-Württemberg.

The lower surveying authorities of the urban and rural districts and 12 towns to which the surveying task has been transferred in accordance with the Surveying Act are responsible for extracts from the property register within their district or municipal area.

  • If your property is located in a district:
    the district office

  • If your property is located in an urban district or in one of the 12 cities (Aalen, Göppingen, Heidenheim an der Brenz, Constance, Lörrach, Ludwigsburg, Reutlingen, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Sindelfingen, Singen, Villingen-Schwenningen, Tübingen):
    the city administration



Any person is authorised,

  • To inspect the property register and
  • To obtain extracts from the property register.

Extracts containing owner details are subject to data protection, as owner details are personal data. Therefore, only authorised persons can request these extracts.

Authorised persons for extracts with owner details are

  • The owner themselves,
  • Persons with a legitimate interest
    This person must specify the purpose for which they require the extracts.


For an extract from the property register, you can submit an informal application

In the application you must

  • Provide information about yourself,
  • specify which extract from the property register you require and
  • demonstrate a legitimate interest for information on ownership.



Required documents

  • If you wish to apply for an extract from the property register with details of ownership and the parcel is not your property:
    • Documents showing the authorised interest or
    • Authorisation from the owner

  • If another person is bearing the costs of this application, you must prove this with a declaration from this person and provide their address (declaration of assumption of costs).


The fees for extracts from the real estate cadastre are based on the current Fees Ordinance of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Regional Development and Housing. The amount of the fee depends on the format and scope of the extract content.

Overview with examples of fees for orientation:

Property map:

in PDF file format or as a printout

  • up to and including DIN A3: EUR 20.00
  • larger than DIN A3 up to and including DIN A0: EUR 40.00

in file format DXF, NAS

  • up to 1,000 parcels: EUR 3.80 times the number of parcels, minimum EUR 50.00

Property description

  • per parcel certificate or parcel and property certificate (each also with land valuation): EUR 10.00
  • per inventory certificate: EUR 20.00

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