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Procedure descriptions

Request birth certificate

Do you need a birth certificate?

You can only obtain your birth certificate at the registry office in your place of birth.
The registry office issues it from the birth register.

The birth certificate contains the following information:

  • First name, maiden name and sex of the child
  • Date and place of birth
  • The first names and surnames of the parents
  • legal affiliation of the child and its parents to a religious community, if the affiliation is evident from the register entry

Note: The following information will not be included at your request:

  • Sex
  • Parents' first names and surnames
  • Religious affiliation

Certified printout from the register of births

In addition to the birth certificate, there is also a certified printout from the register of births. You need this for a marriage, for example.
This is a copy of the entry in the register of births kept at the registry office or, in the case of electronically kept registers, a printout of it.
In addition to the details of the birth (including the time of birth and details of the parents), it also contains subsequent changes such as adoption or a change of name.
The certified register printout thus replaces the former certificate of descent.

International birth certificate

An International Birth Certificate is a multilingual birth certificate. You can use it abroad without a translation.
It is valid in all states that are party to the Convention of 8 September 1976 on the Issuance of Multilingual Extracts from Civil Status Records.
In the annex to the Convention you will find a list of the contracting states.

Responsible department

the registry office of the place of birth

Note: If you need a birth certificate from another country, you must contact the respective registry office abroad.
If you have German citizenship, the German mission abroad can help you. You can find information on this on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.



The following persons over the age of 16 are eligible to apply:

  • Persons to whom the entry in the register relates
  • Spouses and civil partners
  • Ancestors and descendants (for example, children, grandchildren)
  • Siblings, if they can credibly demonstrate a legitimate interest
  • other persons who substantiate a legal interest


You must apply for the birth certificate at the registry office that registered your birth.

The options for applying at your registry office may differ depending on the registry office.

At some registry offices you can apply for the certificate in person.

A written application is also possible. Some registry offices offer that you can also order the certificates by fax, e-mail or telephone.

In the cases mentioned, you must clarify with the registry office

  • whether they should send you the certificate or you should collect it and
  • how you can pay fees (for example, by bank transfer or in cash when you collect it).

Some municipalities and cities also offer forms for electronic ordering on the internet.

You can also be represented when applying for or collecting the certificate.
In that case, you must also present

  • a copy of your identity card or passport,
  • a power of attorney and
  • the identity card or passport of the representative

Notice: Immediate issuance of the certificate is not always possible.



Required documents

  • in case of personal appearance: identity card or passport In case of representation: possibly proof of legitimate interest (in case of siblings)
    • written power of attorney of the authorised person to whom the entry relates
    • Identity card of the authorised person
  • possibly proof of legal interest (e.g. letter from the probate court, court judgment or enforceable title)


  • Birth certificate or certified printout from the register of births: EUR 12.00 each
  • International birth certificate: EUR 12.00



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