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Submit application for the Baden-Württemberg rural doctor quota

Since 2021, 75 places in human medicine have been awarded every year in the winter semester.

This means you can study at one of the state's five renowned faculties in Freiburg, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Ulm or Tübingen..

Responsible department

state-wide: Department 95.2 in the Regional Council of Stuttgart



  • University entrance qualification
  • You undertake to work for ten years as a general practitioner in an area undersupplied with general practitioners after completing your studies and further training as a specialist.

This obligation is secured by a public law contract in which you agree to pay a contractual penalty of up to 250,000 euros. The contractual penalty becomes due if a selected applicant

  • after successfully completing his or her medical studies, doesn't complete further training in Baden-Württemberg to become a specialist in general medicine, paediatrics and adolescent medicine or internal medicine (without specialisation), or
  • after successful completion of further training, doesn't work exclusively in areas in Baden-Württemberg where there is a need for general practitioners for at least ten years.

The areas for which such a need exists will be decided after completion of the specialist training.


  • Register in advance with the Foundation for University Admission
  • Have a certified copy made of both your university entrance qualification and your identity card/passport (e.g. town halls, citizens' offices and notaries are authorised to copy and certify original documents).
  • Combine all supporting documents in a single PDF file, including the certified copies of the higher education entrance qualification and identity card/passport.
  • Complete the online form in full.
  • Upload the required documents.
  • Submit the online form.
  • If you are among the top 150 applicants, you will be invited to the selection interview.
  • If you are among the best 75 applicants at the end of the selection process, you will receive a place in human medicine at one of the five medical faculties in Baden-Württemberg by way of a preliminary quota. For this purpose, the Regional Council of Stuttgart sends your application to the Foundation for University Admission (Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung), from which you will then receive the final notification of admission, with which you can enrol at the university assigned to you.
  • Otherwise, you will receive a rejection letter.


1. March to 31 March 2024 (receipt of the online application by the Stuttgart Regional Council)

Please ensure that you submit your documents in full by the deadline.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to submit documents after the application deadline.

The responsible office is not obliged to officially request missing documents.

Required documents

Attention: Please combine the following proofs into a single PDF file and upload it. Other formats or multiple files will not be accepted.

Attention: A certified copy of the university entrance qualification and the identity card/passport must be sent along. A simple copy or scan of the original is not sufficient.

  • certified copy of the identity card or passport (Attention: The copy or scan of the original is not sufficient!)
  • certified copy of the university entrance qualification (Attention: The copy or scan of the original is not sufficient!)
  • curriculum vitae in table form
  • Covering letter outlining the personal reasons for the application
  • if available: Proof of the result of the TMS test (test for medical degree programmes), which shows what percentage of the comparison group achieved a lower test result than the applicant (percentage rank)
  • if available: Proof of vocational training
  • if available: Proof of professional activity
  • if available: Proof of voluntary service (e.g. civilian service or voluntary social year in a nursing facility with patient contact)
  • if available: Proof of voluntary work with patient contact (e.g. in a hospital or nursing home)

For certificates that are not available in German, please enclose an official German translation with your application.

In the case of foreign educational qualifications or a higher education entrance qualification not acquired in accordance with German law, you must provide evidence of equivalence in a suitable form.



Processing time

You will receive feedback by the end of April if you are invited to the selection interviews.

In July, the successful applicants will receive an acceptance letter for a place at medical school.

All others will receive a rejection letter.



Release note

23.01.2024 Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart

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