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Technischer Assistent in der Medizin mit ausländischer Berufsausbildung – Erlaubnis zur Führung der Berufsbezeichnung beantragen

Should you wish to work as a technical assistant in medicine in Germany without restriction, you need an official permit. The permit allows you to carry the relevant professional title and to practise.

You require the permit for the following vocations:

  • Technical medical assistance for functional diagnostics
  • Technical medical laboratory assistant
  • Technical medical radiology assistant

Should you have obtained your professional qualifications abroad, the responsible body will check whether these are equivalent to the relevant German qualifications. You will only receive the permit if your qualifications are recognised as being equivalent.

Citizens of the European Union or European Economic Area who only wish to work in Germany temporarily and occasionally do not require an official permit. However, you must register your work with the competent authority. The responsible body will issue further information.

You can claim free advice in relation to having your foreign professional qualifications recognised. You have a legal claim to this advice. The specially trained employees of the advice locations named below will discuss your options in relation to your qualifications and will recommend the most sensible course of action. They will also support you with submitting the application and putting the necessary documents together.

Responsible department

Landesprüfungsamt für Medizin und Pharmazie im Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart



  • Professional qualifications: relevant foreign vocational qualification
  • Personal qualifications:
    • Personal reliability
    • In good health
    • Sufficient knowledge of the German language: minimum level B2 of a recognised language school

Note: Your citizenship, origin of your qualifications and residency status are not relevant.


The responsible body will check whether your qualifications which are obtained abroad are equivalent to the relevant German ones.

Your qualifications will be recognised as being equivalent if there are no significant differences between your foreign qualifications and the relevant German ones.

Alongside the qualifications, the responsible body will also take the professional experience you have obtained in Germany or abroad into account. Any significant differences in relation to professional qualifications can be compensated by relevant and extensive vocational experience.

You receive the permit if your qualifications are recognised as being equivalent and the other requirements are fulfilled.

Should significant differences exist between your qualifications and the German reference qualification you can participate in compensation measures ( examination or adjustment course) in order to attain equivalence. You can obtain further information from the responsible body.



Required documents

  • Official documents concerning name, place of birth and date of birth (for example birth / marriage certificate, extract from the family register)
  • Proof of citizenship Passport, personal ID or residency certificate
  • Current CV without any gaps with precise information concerning academic and professional history with date and signature
  • Proof of education: Certificates, graduation record, professional licence, registration, subject and study overview, professional examination, vocational traineeship etc
  • If applicable, further proof of suitability
  • Proof of relevant professional experience (references, work book, index)
  • In case of place of residence
    • in Germany: Proof that you principal residence is in Baden-Württemberg. You can receive this from the registration office responsible for your place of residence. (Copy of the registration);
    • Abroad: Proof that you intend to practise in Baden-Württemberg. Suitable documents must be submitted for this purpose, for example confirmation of the future employer, application documents or job searches.
  • Proof of knowledge of the German language from a recognised language school (can be submitted later)
  • as evidence of personal reliability:
    • Certificate of good conduct for submission to an authority / form OB (can be submitted later)
    • Certificate of good conduct from the country in which you obtained your qualifications
  • Current certificate from a doctor which states you have no health concerns which could prevent you from practising with date, stamp and signature of the doctor (can be submitted later)

The competent authority may request additional documents.

Note: Please only send certified copies and never originals! A copy of foreign language documents is required in the original language, together with a German translation. You must have translations carried out by a publicly appointed translator.


Up to 350.00 EUR

Processing time

Maximum of 4 months

The time period starts to run at the time of submission of the complete documentation.

Release note

The German original version of this text was drafted in close cooperation with the relevant departments. The Sozialministerium released it on 29.04.2019. Only the German text is legally binding. The Federal State does not assume any liability for the translated texts. In cases of doubt or if you have any questions or problems, please contact the relevant authorities directly.

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